Lifehammer Evolution

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Product Description

When it comes to safety, only the best is good enough. This is why the Lifehammer design experts developed the Evolution. This is the ultimate safety hammer developed by the highest technical standards. Extremely effective and easy to use by adults and even children.

This automatic safety hammer is easy and safe to use by adults and children. By simply pressing the head of this Lifehammer against the carís side window the ultra-hard ceramic hammerhead will come out, shatter the window and reload automatically. Directly after shattering the first window you can repeat this action several times.

With the integrated seat belt cutter you can easily cut any seat belt.

With a non-slip grip and conical shaped handle, this Lifehammer will never slip out of your hand.

Thanks to the Quick Click System it’s possible to mount this Lifehammer in any wanted position within a few seconds.


  • Automatic safety hammer safe for use by adults and children
  • Non-slip grip and conical handle for easy grip
  • Quick Click System allows the Lifehammer Evolution to be positioned optimally in seconds
  • Quick Click System means you can mount a second Lifehammer
  • Integrated seatbelt cutter
  • Can be used again straight after the first use

Dimensions: 21.8cm4.2cm x 4cm
Weight: 220g



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