Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions?

Fire Safety

What is the best Extinguisher to use?

Our FlameFighter Extinguisher Selection Guide will assist in choosing the right fire extinguisher... More»»

Fire Classification Codes

Fires are rated by classification codes based on the primary fuel, these codes being used in many areas including Fire Extinguishers... More»»

What type of Smoke Detectors are available

We discuss the differences on benefits of both Photoelectric and Ionisation Detectors... More»»

Where Should I put Smoke Alarms?

Where to put and not put smoke alarms in your house More»»


What does intrinsically safe mean?

What makes a flashlight safe? Where can you use approved flashlights?... More»»

Will Your Torch Be The Ignition Point of the Next Explosion?

There are several different types of hazardous locations in which it can be extremely dangerous to use any light that has not been specially designed... More»»

Streamlight Frequent Questions

Common questions regarding Streamlight torches, their use and operation... More»»


Do you deliver outside New Zealand?

PSL Fire & Safety appreciate enquiries from all over the world and international enquiries can be directed to our customer services team at Products that can be purchased from our etail site are for New Zealand deliveries only at this stage.

Can I buy all products online from your website?

PSL Fire & Safety supply products to a range of customers from distributors to end users. Not all our products are available for sale from the etail site but we encourage any enquiries to be directed to our customer services team either by email or phoning +64 9 818 8048

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